Tuesday, October 4, 2016


STORM-NTP Program  overview:

For over 10 years, NTPTech has been delivering technology consultancy to a range of industries. We are a group of professionals offering technology enabling services to various enterprises. We work with our clients and technology partners to solve business problems, reduce costs, increase efficiency and achieve their organization's objectives.  

To deliver this we provide solutions and services including secure working on the move, optimization of data and information, physical and cloud infrastructure provisioning a full managed service and software on a subscription basis.

The program aims to maximize the benefit to society of knowledge generation, building real entrepreneur . Entrepreneurial society must be helped to go forward while generation students are future entrepreneurs and leaders. Through a win-win situation where entrepreneurs are guided and assisted  by our junior consultants.

This program will open eyes to participants from all level of entrepreneurship from a start up to the experience one. We are trying to enable all entrepreneur into the new way of doing business (working the new way).  

Helping others to help us, let us grow the entrepreneurship of the future, working the new way with technology.


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